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Cacti are relatively easy to grow. Most will tolerate neglect; yet thrive when given good care. Although maintaining attractive houseplants during winter months can be a challenge, you can still cultivate many varieties of cacti and succulents in an indoor environment. If you are looking for succulents to place indoors, you can try these favorite and beautiful species: Euphorbia Ingens. Sansevieria trifasciata "Snake Plant." Dracena sanderana "Lucky bamboo." Aloe Vera, "Medicine Plant."  Cacti grown on windowsills facing a southern exposure tend to flourish. The next best exposure is sunlight from an east or west window because it can provide direct sun

March is a wonderful time in the year for succulents that offer beautiful blossoms and colorful rosettes. No garden is complete without the many varieties of Echeverias. Native to Mexico and northwestern South America, these ruffled, lettuce-shaped plants offer a unique and decorative accent to any home and garden. As a low-maintenance succulent, the Echeveria species can easily be propagated by removing their offsets or “babies” from the mother plant. Other methods of propagation would be leaf cuttings and by seed if they are not hybrids. Your garden will have an abundance of new Echeverias for you to enjoy every

The bright foliage and vibrant blooms of these plants bring a fresh, tropical atmosphere to your home. The first question you might ask is, "What is a Tillandsia?" Unlike bromeliads, Tillandsias are air plants, which means they can absorb nutrients through their leaves, thus these unusual plants require no soil or other medium to thrive. Tillandsias prefer light conditions, sufficient ventilation, and daily misting in areas of low humidity. Although hardy and low-maintenance, Tillandsias need to be protected from frost conditions. What makes this plant even more appealing is that you can grow them indoors such as, in a bathroom or

Have you always wanted to have a landscape of drought-tolerant, stunning plants? September is an ideal time to plant a garden with beautiful Agaves, which are brilliant accents to any landscape, even in colder climates.A sunny location and well-drained soil are the two key requirements. Most varieties of Agaves prefer as much sun as possible but can adapt to a somewhat lower light intensity. To enhance depth and height to your succulent garden, try these Agaves: Agave Americana, Agave American Variegata, Agave Attenuta. Agaves belong to a group of perennial succulents that originate naturally in southern USA and Mexico. Ranging over

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