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Thriving Tillandsias


Thriving Tillandsias

The bright foliage and vibrant blooms of these plants bring a fresh, tropical atmosphere to your home. The first question you might ask is, “What is a Tillandsia?” Unlike bromeliads, Tillandsias are air plants, which means they can absorb nutrients through their leaves, thus these unusual plants require no soil or other medium to thrive. Tillandsias prefer light conditions, sufficient ventilation, and daily misting in areas of low humidity. Although hardy and low-maintenance, Tillandsias need to be protected from frost conditions.

What makes this plant even more appealing is that you can grow them indoors such as, in a bathroom or living room. Provide a partial sunny area and ensure sufficient moisture for the plant. If kept indoors or in dry areas outside, then completely submerge them in water. Like cacti and succulents, Tillandsias will benefit from fertilizing; you can use a mild fertilizer solution such as, a diluted concentration of a Water Soluble Fertilizer (15-16-17).

Tillandsias can be displayed either sitting alone, or placed in a decorative container without soil, or mounted on a piece of driftwood. When you mount the Tillandsia, do not place the plant bases in depressions or cavities where water could collect, thereby leading to root rot.

Likewise, shells used for mounting should have holes drilled to ensure good drainage. If you wish to fill in empty spaces or provide decorative assets to the Tillandsia display, then mount your plants with moss. Fully secure the plants by using a hot glue gun. Let the glue cool for several seconds before applying the plant. Be careful to not let the hot glue drip on your hands. For larger Tillandsias, use wire or fishing line to mount them.

Now you have created an exotic, tropical feel right in your home! You can enjoy the beautiful blooms of Tillandsias for several months. These unique and exotic plants make great conversation pieces.

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