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California Cactus Center features an extensive assortment of manufactured and handmade pottery and a wide assortment of top-dressing and colored pebbles.

[peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Planted Circle Pot Gardens (Pots designed & produced by Potted) Can be hung or sit on a flat surface.NOTE: We do not sale empty Circle Pots. If you’re interested in an empty Circle Pot please visit the beautiful Potted Store in Los Angeles CA.” type=”image” alt=”IMG_4253.jpg” image_size=”2048×1280″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Consolea rubescens (“Purple Prickly Pear”) in a terrazzo pot.” type=”image” alt=”tn_2003 1054.jpg” image_size=”300×257″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Stoneware pottery offers a unique way to display your plants.” type=”image” alt=”tn_2003 1035.jpg” image_size=”234×300″ ] [peg-image src=”–SLeaKbau3A/UU5eYWQLbYI/AAAAAAAAA6M/oXLUGHpRvlQn3PEGCVGf354iS7Tq9jR5gCCo/s144-o/tn_2003%2B1017.JPG” href=”″ caption=”Colored pebbles and gravel serve as top-dressing for your plants” type=”image” alt=”tn_2003 1017.JPG” image_size=”300×225″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Select from a variety of clay and ceramic pottery for your plants.” type=”image” alt=”tn_2003 1007.jpg” image_size=”300×155″ ] [peg-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”A display of manufactured pots and handmade pottery.” type=”image” alt=”tn_2003 1004.jpg” image_size=”225×300″ ]


Cactus Center Logo Light

Cactus Center Logo Light

Fri: 10am ‒ 03pm
Sat: 10am ‒ 03pm
Sun: 10am ‒ 03pm

216 South Rosemead Blvd Pasadena CA
91107 United States