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Category: Succulent Origin: Mexico Flower: Coral blossoms that bloom in spring-summer Height: Up to 10” tall Width: Between 6 to 8 inches wide Sun: Direct sun will make the leaves turn slightly more pink, but partial shade is best to Prevent leaves from sunburn. Water: Once-twice a week during the summer outdoors, once a week in the winter. Frost tolerance: 25-30 ° F *** Do you have a blog? You're welcome to embed this video on your website ***

Native to South Africa, the Lithops species or also known as “Living Stones” has a unique appearance of resembling rocks or pebbles. The name “Lithops” is from Ancient Greek (lithos) refers to stone and (ops) means face. The best way to care for this succulent is to refrain from watering during the summer. They become dormant between June and August. The leaves become dry and start to peel. During the winter months, resume watering about every 2-3 weeks. When the Lithops enter the growing season, new leaves appear and grow inside the existing fused leaf pair. They have small yellow or white

Succulents for Events will help you create a natural fall setting for your table or patio with a container garden. Container gardening is especially adapted to contemporary living. With a variety of plants to choose from, cacti and succulents offers a year round visual interest. Due to the versatility of cacti and succulents, they display a great variety of shapes, forms, and colors. You can virtually use any type of container for cacti and succulents provided that there is adequate drainage to prevent root and stem rot. Here are container gardens in clay, ceramic, and strawberry pots. Let us transform your

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