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A cacti and succulent garden can be both beautifully exotic as well as useful. For instance, Ocotillos, which produce many leaves and red-orange blossoms, can be used as a living fence. To create such a fence, one needs to cut the canes, wire and plant these canes into the ground. Another popular fencing material is Lemaierocereus Marginatus or "Organ pipe cactus. which produces clusters of offshoots. When mature, the "Organ Pipe" creates tubular red flowers along its sides.

May is a month to celebrate the warm climate and important events like Mother’s Day. Give the beauty and simplicity of a container garden filled with assorted succulents to someone special in your life.Choose vibrant colors and a variety of shapes from Echeverias to Semperviviums to create a stunning container garden. Ceramic pots add more color and make a dramatic impact Create a natural fall setting for your table or patio with a container garden. Container gardening is especially adapted to contemporary living. Even with small spaces, you can make a bold and colorful statement with container gardens. With a variety of

If you are looking for a unique plant to transform your home and garden, you can try this beautiful and stunning species: Sansevieria cylindrica “Skyline.” Without having to sacrifice beauty, this succulent is versatile enough to thrive indoors or outdoors with low maintenance. This species is from Angola and belongs to the Dracaenaceae family, or dragon tree family. There are about 120 species described in the genus, the majority of which are mainly distributed in Central Africa and Southeast Asia. Deriving its name from a competition in a Dutch national newspaper, Sansevieria cylindrica has green-grey leaves, which are striped and smooth,

We are frequently asked how to transplant cacti and succulents. Here are some basic transplanting guidelines: Step 1: Cover the hole with a piece of window screen, rock or broken terra cotta. Step 2: Cover the bottom with a little cactus mix Step 3: No Gloves? A Really Spiny Cactus? Helpful Hint: Wrap the cactus with a rolled up newspaper to prevent the spines from piercing your fingers. Step 4: Squeeze the sides of the container to loosen the soil. Hold the newspaper firmly around the cactus. Step 5: Place the cactus in the pot and adjust it slightly so that it sits in the

Transplanting Barrel Cactus Echinocactus grusonii "Golden Barrel Cactus Step 1: Place a piece of screen over hole. Step 2: Fill pot with cactus mix. Step 3: Make an indention in the middle of the soil Step 4: Wear gloves: Tap the sides of the pot to loosen the cactus. Step 5: Remove the barrel cactus. Step 6: Put crumble newspapers on the side of the cactus spines. Gently lift the cactus into the pot. Step 7: Center the barrel cactus in the pot. Step 8: Tap the soil around the barrel cactus. Step 9: Wait a week then lightly water the cactus. Step 10: Surround the cactus with rocks or

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