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How To Propagate Haworthia By Offsets

How To Propagate Haworthia By Offsets

How to propagate Haworthias by offsets
Cactus Mix
Plastic or clay pot with drainage hole.
Plastic pot will retain more moisture vs. clay pot is porous, which will dry out faster.
Step 1 Carefully remove offsets from main plant.
Step 2 Lay out to dry outside in filtered sunlight for a 1-2 days until the ends of the offset callous.
Step 3 Repot the offset in cactus mix that contains no peat moss, which is too acidic for succulents. Also peat moss will retain too much moisture.
Step 5 Wait one week before watering. Keep outside in partial sun and water once a week. Or keep indoors near a bright, well-ventilated window and water once every two weeks

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