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Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece

Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece

Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece
This beautiful succulent centerpiece will be a wonderful compliment to your wedding. Create a low-growing, colorful arrangement by using a shallow container and select the color that matches your wedding decor.

Hardy and easy to care for, this succulent centerpiece will surely impress your guests. After the wedding, you can enjoy the beauty and longevity of these plants.

Place your wedding centerpiece on your patio with filtered sunlight and water about once a week. Although succulents enjoy living outdoors, you can bring this arrangement inside for entertainment. Be sure to give succulents plenty of sunlight and air circulation by placing it near a west or east facing window.

Some of the succulents featured in this centerpiece are:

Echeveria hybrid (center plant) is native to Mexico and grows as a lovely rosette shape with pink-orange flowers.

Sedum hispanium aurea “Gold Moss Sedum” is native to South Africa and grows as a groundcover or low maintenance cascading succulent.

Anacampseros rufescens variegata “Rainbow Sand Rose” is native to South Africa. Grows as a beautiful star shape succulent that becomes more pinkish-purple with bright sunlight. Great as a container plant or rock gardens!

Echeveria metallica is native to Mexico and grows to about 6 inches tall. A pretty violent rosette shaped succulent that brings wonderful color to arrangements!

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